Must Have Pantry Staple Choc Chip Biccies

Ok so I have posted (actually in one of my recent posts) recipes of chocolate chip biccies on Carmen Eat Joy before. Not least because they have always been my favourite treat – I’ve never been much of a “cakey” person. Sneakily I have been trying ever since I began this blog to come up with my own, uninfluenced choc chip biccie recipe simply because, well, I love them and I wanted my own recipe!… I should mention that I am so fussy and have made countless batches of biscuits, both my recipes and others – that I have just thought were super ordinary and not even mention worthy – however these are AMAZING. They are firm yet chewy, chocolatey but not too much, and unfortunately, very very morish.

Also – this is the first recipe on this blog that I have ever included dairy – just a little grass fed organic butter – however feel free to substitute coconut oil instead.

Now I have mentioned before that my husband and I are lucky enough to have my nearly 17 yr old cousin Chelsea living with us, who is also a huge paleo/primal fan and stupidly good cook for her age (or any age actually). Since I have been appallingly slack with adding recipes to my blog I have enlisted her help and she is now going to be a regular contributor to Carmen Eat Joy – this Choc Chip Biccie recipe was devised by both of us this weekend in a joint moment of chocolate craving.


Chels (right) and myself (left) enjoying paleo choc pops!…

On another note, I’m completely and totally bowled over by the fact that we are only 2 and a half weeks away from Christmas. How quickly does time fly!… Hmm anyway.

Ok so:


100g dates

300g almonds (I used activated)

125g butter (can use coconut oil)

60g coconut suger

1tsp bicarb soda

3 eggs

3 dessert spoons of coconut flour

150g choc chips


Method (Thermomix)

Preheat oven to 180 degrees Celsius (fan forced – or a little higher for regular oven).

Soak the dates in boiling water for 5 mins or until soft.

Whizz almonds on speed 7 until you have almond butter (30s to 1 min)

Add soft soaked dates (discard water), butter and coconut sugar and and whizz on speed 5 until fairly smooth (should be very oily)

Separate 3 eggs, and add egg yolks and coconut flour to mixture and combine.

Beat the egg whites until stiff.

Spoon almond mixture into another bowl, add half the beaten egg whites and fold through gently with a spatula. Add the choc chips, and fold through again. Add the final lot of beaten egg whites and fold through gently, lifting as you go, until just combined.

Spoon large teaspoons onto a baking paper lined tray and leave a fair bit of space – they will 4


Cook for 10-12 minutes in the oven or until they begin to go golden brown. Cool on a rack and serve with a cup of tea!

Method (Regular)

Substitute 300g almond butter for the almonds, and follow the rest of the instructions using a food processor in place of the Thermomix – it will just take a little longer.

Enjoy – xx.

photo 2



photo 3


  1. Jessie says

    I follow low fodmap so can’t have dates – do you think mashed banana could be substituted for the dates in this recipe?

    • Carmen says

      I think it would be worth a try although can’t give you a definitive answer! Let me know how you go though :)


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