Vanilla Custard Tarts

My husband has a thing for vanilla tarts. And vanilla slice. I can’t say I’ve ever really been the biggest vanilla fan – unless it’s in a custard. And it’s rich… Mmm… has to be rich!! So – I decided to make some vanilla custard tarts – a good combo of what we both liked. And I have to say turned out really very well! The crust requires baking, but the inside doesn’t – and it contains the deliciously yummy, nutritious and satiating cacao butter to give it that extra – well - something. Awesomeness may be the word. I know that doesn’t sound overly modest but there you go.

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For the pastry

65g blanched almond flour (doesn’t need to be superfine)

1 egg

1/2 tsp baking soda

30g coconut flour, plus extra for rolling

50g coconut oil

50g coconut milk

1/2 tbsp white vinegar

1 tbsp raw organic honey


For the Vanilla Custard

150g cashews soaked ½ hour

50g melted cacao butter (melt it with seeds and ½ van pod)

2 tbsp dark maple syrup

105mL water

1/2 vanilla pod

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Firstly, refer to my word on paleo pastry baking in this post here.

Preheat oven to 180 degrees Celsius.

Begin with the pastry. Mix the dry ingredients together in a largish bowl, and the wet in a separate bowl, so they are thoroughly combined. Make a well in the dry ingredients, and pour in the wet. Using a wooden spoon or spatula, fold the wet into the dry until just combined. This should form a pastry that you can hold in your hands without them getting too sticky. If it’s too dry, add a little coconut oil. Spread a little coconut flour onto a board and onto a rolling pin, and roll out pastry until 1/4 inch thick – or really as thin as you can make it – I think the thinner the better with these tarts! Using a scalloped cutter, cut 12 pieces of pastry and place into a baking tray that has 12 shallow “muffin” places. Place them in the oven and cook for 5-6 mins or until golden brown.

For the custard, scrape out the seeds from half the vanilla pod, and put seeds and pod in with the cacao butter and melt slowly over a double boiler. If using the thermomix, set the timer for 5 mins and the temp to 50 degrees, speed 1.

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When the cacao is melted, remove the pods but leave the seeds. If using a Thermomix, add the rest of the custard ingredients and blend on 8 until thoroughly combined. Spoon the mixture into your pastry pieces, and refrigerate to set!… Makes 11-12 depending on pastry thickness. Enjoy – x.




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