Top 5 Recipes of 2012

WOW I cannot believe that we’re already solidly into (and by that I mean it’s no longer the first day of) 2013. It was only a few short months ago that I began Carmen Eat Joy, and now it’s absolutely my favourite thing to do! For those who aren’t familiar with my story, I was experiencing multiple digestive and immune issues that had been persistent for years. Generally, my diet was always good, and fairly paleo, but with the odd cheat – I was a bit of an 80/20 person. However, in September, I just had a feeling that I really needed to practise what I preached! And so I began the Whole30 – a fabulous kickstart to eating “strict” paleo. Since then, I have just felt better and better, and am continuing to do so – and this way of eating just inspires me to create recipes that fool me into thinking that I am eating whatever takes my fancy! And actually, that’s what I tend to do… Have a random craving or daydream about a certain food and then dream up a way to get it from my head onto the table!…

I’m so excited for this year, 2013 – cannot believe how fast 2012 sped by. I’ve made resolutions so many times before that have lasted a month or two – this year I’ve decided just to continue on with the decision I made in September – strict paleo to continue my journey to health and healing. Over Christmas I determined to make lots of yummy treats, which I did – Christmas Pudding, Traditional Fruit Mince Pies, and Pineapple and Coconut Gelato amongst them – and every time I felt like having a treat – I did! My first totally paleo Christmas, and my body is definitely thanking me! So – Happy New Year everyone – I wish you health, happiness and love xxx.

SO here are my top 5 posts of 2012…

Number 5 – Raw Paleo Choc Fudge Bites

These little babies are great for that after-dinner-watching-a-movie-something-sweet kind of craving. They’re rich – which I consider to be a good thing, because one will both satisfy, and fill you up. They’re SO simple to make – just whizz in a food processor and set in the fridge.

Paleo Choc Fudge Bites



Number 4 – Slow-cooked Spicy Pears with Strawberry Coulis

These are, so far, my favourite paleo winter dessert. They just have to be eaten to be believed. Yum yum YUM.

Slow cooked pears



Number 3 – Paleo Poached Chicken Salad

Just an easy, quick and delicious salad – fabulous for lunch or dinner.

Poached Chicken Salad



Number 2 – Paprika Cauliflower Rice

When you’re having a little carb craving – and I have to admit that I adore white rice – this will totally satisfy, and makes a delicious side to nearly any meal.

Paprika Cauliflower Rice


Number 1 – Bacon Sushi

This one has been by far the most popular recipe this year, and I was ecstatic at the end of December when the fabulous Mark Sisson posted a link to it!! It is another simple and quick one that just makes you feel great!!

Sushi from side




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