The fabulous Whole30 wrap up – and continued choices…

Hello and apologies, dear readers, after a prolonged break from blogging and recipe posting. I’ve been finishing my degree, moving house, and, most importantly, my husband is back from Afghanistan (he’s an army officer – and I’m now allowed to mention that he was there since he’s back!)… All very exciting developments but which have not left me with very much time to post…

I thought I’d mention the “final” results of my Whole30 journey, since I haven’t really written a conclusive post yet.

October was my Whole30 month, and I followed it to the absolute letter – ie strict paleo, with no “paleo-esque” treats!!… (And as readers of this website will know, I love my paleo treats!!)… During those four weeks, I noticed:


WAY less bloating – not eliminated but the least I have had in years – this used to be fairly chronic for me.

MUCH better sleep – waking up and not feeling totally resentful about having to get out of bed – this was the norm for me for as long as I could remember

My appetite has been normalised – some days I’m not remotely hungry, and others I’m ravenous all day – and that’s fine – I no longer feel like fainting when going longer than four hours without food…

WEIGHT LOSS and BODY RECOMPOSITION – now I can’t tell you how much weight I lost because I actually did what they suggested which was do not step on the scales – and also I find them irrelevant – I much prefer to know what size I am, which is easy to do with clothes. I now fit into all my “skinny” jeans and clothes which I had been scrupulously avoiding for quite a while – and I have not been watching my calorie intake in the slightest. Also, with minimal exercise I’ve definitely become noticeably more muscular, another bonus!

A desire to move and exercise – with my increasing energy (and this is the best I’ve felt in over two years) has come a desire to exercise which I honestly have not had for a long time. As a personal trainer, I’m more than aware of the benefits of regular exercise and movement, but since having shingles two years ago, when my energy just plummeted never (until Whole30!!) to return, I have really had to force myself to do anything at all. Now – I actually want to – I’m back to the old me and this is the best feeling ever!

Better digestion – really not a lot more to say on this one, other than it is very significant!

Onwards and Upwards

Since all of these huge (for me) improvements, I honestly have no desire to change my way of eating, or to go back and have the odd cheat. For me, fixing my health and making sure I feel 100% is more important than the temporary satisfaction of a croissant (they are my weakness!)…

So the only real changes I’ve made since October is allowing myself the odd paleo treat – bearing in mind I don’t let them get too sweet. When I make chocolate, it’s 85% cacao solids, and when I make a banana cake, it’s 2 tbsp honey rather than half a cup. I have no desire to add sweeteners (even natural ones) to anything unless it’s really necessary, and even then I really do try to minimise them. I won’t have treats every day, but if I feel like it, I do have one – I love adapting and creating recipes and it’s not something I’m willing to give up for the sake of purity, however, reintroducing foods like dairy, grains (even gluten-free) is not remotely attractive to me any more. That said, I do think that some people can tolerate some high fat dairy and feel fine; sadly, I’m not one of them.

Here are my other posts on the Whole30, and to find out more about it check out and please let me know how you go!

Beginning the Whole30

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So thank you for reading – after such a gap from writing – but stay tuned because there are lots of yummy Christmas recipes coming up, plus some tips on choosing a fabulous Christmas ham!!

Until the next – x.


  1. Sarah says

    Congratulations! I tried a whole 30 this month and only made it 2 weeks in, having said that I’m not noticing many changes and am still struggling with body composition (pls note I am not overweight and exercise consistently 6 days a week but my body doesn’t seem to change and I carry most of my fat on my lower half). I would be interested to know what you do for exercise or do you have any advice.

    • Carmen says

      Hi Sarah, thank you! Not knowing your individual circumstances does make it a little difficult to give advice, however I can definitely give you some broad tips. Firstly, do you eat paleo? Diet is by far the most important thing where body composition is concerned, and tightening it up will have much more of an impact than exercising more. If you are already following paleo strictly, cut back on the nuts, sweeteners and fruits that are high in carbs and see if that has an impact – I’m fairly certain it will. When you exercise, are you exercising at a high cardio rate or do you do weights? I’d suggest walking an hour a day, and doing some intense bodyweights twice to three times a week for half an hour. Let me know how you go!

  2. Sarah says

    Hi Carmen, yes I do eat Paleo and I eat nuts occassionally, usually have a piece of fruit each day. Been suffering lately with being really tired and bad stomach pains the last few weeks so am booked in for a colonoscopy partly because bowel disease runs in my family and these stomach pains are happening no matter what I eat.

    I would have to say my workouts are intense. I participate in a Hardcore class at the gym once a week (think tyre flips, rope climbing, kettlebells etc, 45 min class) and I do a combo of weights and HIIT most days. I am also a busy mum and I work part-time in real estate. I am really tired though and feeling a bit fed up with the diet industry and eating and so forth LOL. I don’t have sweeteners, got rid of that during those 2 weeks of whole 30. I admit I like a drink here and there but its usually once a week. Maybe I need to cut the exercise down, I’m one of those who unless they are sweating don’t feel like they are working out hard enough. I get my inspiration from bodyrock tv, fitness blender, zuzana etc.

    • says

      Sarah, great that you are active. I would love to suggest page which I have found by myself when i got disappointed by bodyrock… they are not good now..really they harm people more than being professionals… Im working out according LovingFit approach and it is GREAT. good luck!

    • Carmen says

      Hi Sarah,
      It’s great that you’re so active, I agree with Indré, but you may be right in that you need to cut down the intensity. I’d keep 2 to 3 intense sessions a week (what you are doing sounds great) and substitute the others for a brisk walk or gentle cycle. Stress is also a big one, so cutting down your intensity may help this a little.


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