Traditional Christmas Pudding

Okay, so I’m aware that it’s now after Christmas. But still, you can totally call this a “fruit” pudding and have it at any time of year. This Christmas, I made a resolution to stay paleo (I’ve only strayed once – and then, ever so slightly – in the last few months, and the feeling afterwards was just NOT worth it. I’m much too used to feeling good!) however, being obsessed with food as I am – and adoring the traditional foods, puddings, treats and stuffing oneself that usually occurs around Christmas time, I decided that I was going to make plenty of treats to gorge on, without having to eat anything that wasn’t paleo. AND I did it! – So excited, still feeling great – rather than the traditional post-Christmas down that I’m sure has not a little to do with the simultaneous, yet nearly unavoidable, gluttony of this time of year.


So: Christmas Pudding!! Yum yum yum… I thought this would be great fun to adapt as there is a lot of fruit in this recipe anyway, and not a great deal of flour. I will admit now that I did use 100mL of brandy, but all the alcohol was without doubt cooked out… however if you don’t want to use it, you can just substitute a little extra orange juice.

Christmas pudding



500g sultanas

100mL brandy

juice of 1 large orange

rind of 1 orange, chopped finely

85g pitted dates, chopped

120g pitted prunes, chopped

250g coconut cream (1 tin)

1 tsp vanilla essence

4 eggs

60g almond flour

60g coconut flour

1 tsp bicarb soda



Soak the sultanas in the brandy and the orange juice, for 4 hrs or overnight, to masticate.

Cook the sultana mixture in a saucepan on low for around ten minutes, with 1/2 cup water added. When the water has reduced into the mixture, take it off the heat.

Beat the coconut cream, vanilla and eggs together until thoroughly combined. In a separate bowl, sift the dry ingredients together.

Add the dates, prunes and orange rind to the sultanas.

Finally, fold the wet ingredients into the dry, and combine your mixture with the fruit mixture by folding with a wooden spoon.

Grease a large pudding dish with some coconut oil, and pour mixture into it. Cover with alfoil. Place a large pot of water on the stove, about 1/3 full of water, and place pudding dish inside. Bring the water to the boil, then turn down to simmer for approx 4 hours or until pudding is cooked through. Wait for it to cool and then turn upside down onto plate!

Enjoy! – x.


  1. Susie from Montana says

    This christmas pudding is simply and utterly sensational. I am a traditionalist with puds and it is absolutely without doubt incredible. You are really unaware that this does not have ANY grains dairy OR sugar!!!
    Not enough adjectives to describe this!!!!!

    • Carmen says

      Thanks Susie! Yes it was a bit of a hit on Christmas Eve I must say, and I’m such a traditionalist too with puddings etc.


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