Pineapple, Coconut and Mint Gelato

On a summer’s night, sometimes there is just nothing better than a fresh gelato. Pineapple and mint has always been one of my favourite combinations, and with some coconut cream it just adds to the exotic feeling!! Okay – perhaps that is a touch melodramatic – but really, the combination is just heaven and this is such an easy recipe to make (again) – but it does require a little planning ahead. That is all – and trust me – it’s worth it!

Pineapple coconut mint gelatoIngredients

Roughly (and it can be roughly – the amounts here are not such a huge issue and can be varied according to taste) one handful of chopped (about an inch cubed or a little smaller) pineapple.

Half an ice cube tray of frozen coconut milk or cream – I think cream is better! (this will be roughly 200g or half a tin)

Half a tin of coconut cream at room temperature

1/4 cup loosely packed fresh mint

1 egg white


Thermomix Method

Add all ingredients to the thermomix. Slowly dial the speed up to ten, then whizz for 30s. Scrape down the sides, and whizz for another 30s. Place the butterfly attachment into the thermomix, and use speed four for 12s. Serve!

Regular Method

Add all ingredients to a food processor (generally better if the frozen pieces are smaller, or you can halve the batch. Whizz until smooth. Use an ice cream maker and freeze according to manufacturer’s instructions. Enjoy! – x.

Pineapple coconut mint gelato1



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