Breakfast Pikelets with a Prune and Coconut Sauce

Pikelets take me back to my childhood. They are just yummy, easy to eat, you can have one or ten, and for paleo pursuers they are a very welcome change to eggs on a weekend (or any) morning. And this morning, the first words I spoke to my husband were, “Do we have any bananas?” Hmm… what does that say about me (never mind, food obsession is a good thing!). For me they are a great addition to pancake or pikelet-type creations, and he then got excited and went and bought some, which was very lovely of him.

Pikelets w rasberries



1 large banana

100mL almond flour

100mL coconut flour

200mL (or half a tin) coconut milk

1/2 tsp cinnamon

Coconut oil, for cooking

Prune and coconut sauce

100g pitted prunes

100g coconut milk



Prunes in Coconut Milk


Whizz all ingredients together in a food processor or Thermomix. To cook, use a frypan and medium/high heat. Coat the pan with coconut oil and spoon mixture onto the pan. When the edges of the pikelets can lift off easily, it’s time to flip! Cook for another 30s, or until golden, and serve onto plate.

For the sauce (and while you are cooking the pikelets) pop the prunes and coconut milk into a small saucepan, and cook on medium heat for around 5 minutes, stirring occasionally. While stirring, break up the prunes a little so the flavour permeates all through the milk.

Serve pikelets with raspberries, whipped coconut or cashew cream, or whatever else takes your fancy!

Enjoy – x.


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