Real Chocolate with Sifted Maca

Those of you who have been following this blog may be aware that I have a thing for chocolate. I’ve been making raw chocolate a long time, using natural sweeteners such as agave, but recently I’ve really been tightening everything up and didn’t want to use anything other than dried fruit. I had a look around and found a recipe at My New Roots which inspired this chocolate recipe of mine – especially the way she wraps them like a chocolate bar – so cute!!  Below is a picture of how my amended recipe turned out – really very yummy I must say.

60g raw cacao powder
160g pitted dates

85g cacao butter

85g coconut oil

1/2 tsp himalayan crystal salt

1 tsp maca powder (optional, for serving)

Real chocolate w sifted maca sq


Depending on how good (or not) your food processor is, you may need to chop the dates first. Then pulse in the processor until they form a kind of paste. If you are particular about your chocolate being raw, slowly melt the cacao butter and coconut oil in a double burner until just melted. If not – they can be heated in a pan quite quickly. Add all remaining ingredients except maca to food processor, then process until smooth.

To set: either pour into a mould (an ice cube tray works well) and set in the refridgerator.

Or – get a rectangle of baking paper, and once the mixture has cooled a little and is no longer runny, put a large dollop into the middle. Wrap the baking paper around and over and push down to form the chocolate into a bar shape. Fold the edges in, press the chocolate into the corners and then wrap with twine or ribbon. Pop them in the fridge – these make a great present!

Then to serve, slice if desired and sift a little maca over the top.

Enjoy – x.

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