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Amazingly Bakeable Chocolate Chips

So a HUGE amount of paleo recipes use Enjoy Life choc chips in them. They are not easy to get down in Australia unless we order them online, and plus I would really prefer just to make them myself. So much nicer and then you know exactly what went into them!…

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Must Have Pantry Staple Choc Chip Biccies

Ok so I have posted (actually in one of my recent posts) recipes of chocolate chip biccies on Carmen Eat Joy before. Not least because they have always been my favourite treat - I've never been much of a "cakey" person. Sneakily I have been trying ever since I began this blog to come up with my own, … [Read More...]

Choc Chip

Amazing Easy Chewy Chocolatey Choc Chip Biscuits

It needs to be a good recipe to go on my blog if I didn't make it up. These are, in a word, insane. They are SO easy, SO delicious, you could easily fool your non-paleo friends into thinking they are sooo bad for you, but they aren't. YUM. … [Read More...]

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BEST EVER raw paleo caramel slice – nut free!

So amongst my family and good friends I have become somewhat known for my caramel slice - not raw, not paleo, not remotely healthy - and yes, I must very immodestly admit, it is sooo good. However, I haven't made it for over a year (which was around the last time I had a serious non-paleo treat!) … [Read More...]

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Checkers Cacao Slice

I have been very back and forth with my diet recently. I did autoimmune for a full month, experienced a little emotional trauma over some extended family things (who hasn't?) and the next day I was back onto my coffee and paleo treats which I love!! I've also been so obsessed with eggs for a while - … [Read More...]


White Cacao and Lavender Fudge

I'm so sorry it's been so long since I've posted - I've been doing autoimmune which means NO SWEET TREATS which I have not liked... and have deviated from slightly today with these little morsels!! However I'm sort of doing a half baked attempt at autoimmune - anyway I'll save that for the next … [Read More...]

choccy mousse with cashew crea

Choccy Mousse with Cashew Cream

Apologies for the delay between posts - I've been so busy, in a good way. Sometimes we are just thrown everything left right and centre but once the rush and panic passes, we emerge just that little bit stronger. Such a cliché - sorry about that. By the way, if anyone would like a website for their … [Read More...]